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A Dream Home needs a Clear Residential Land Title 

While many people prefer to buy a home in a well established residential area or 
a project home direct from the developer, there are still lots of people with a 
vision of starting from scratch with a block of land, and building from there. 
Regardless of how you decide to get your little piece of paradise, you should use 
professional legal conveyancers to avoid hassles at settlement, or worse still, 
nasty surprises when you are ready to build. 

Ownit Conveyancing is a legal practice that specializes in conveyancing, 
performing hundreds of settlements for clients every month. With all this 
experience and legal expertise Ownit Conveyancing has fine-tuned their systems 
so that every step of the process is quick, easy and seamless. Their professionally 
trained staff understands every aspect of the conveyancing process, and this all 
adds up to a stress-free experience for you from the first contract signing to the 
final settlement. 

"I'm not much for legal stuff so when I bought my block of land and signed the 
contract the agent asked me who was doing my conveyancing. First time I'd heard 
the word. I had a mate who had used Ownit Conveyancing so I handed the lot 
over to them - no worries, no hassles and I start building in a week," said Glenn G. 

Conveyancing is such a competitive part of legal practices these days that there is 
not much difference in the cost between one firm and another. What is different 
is the level of service provided to the client, and in this area, Ownit Conveyancing 
is an absolute stand-out. Many people have experienced their conveyancer 
leaving them in the dark about important developments, failing to follow up 
search results promptly, arriving at settlement with incorrect calculations and 
other process problems that cause the client frustration and loss of confidence. 

With Ownit in your corner, you will experience prompt and thorough search 
enquiries and immediate feedback to you, rock-solid protection of your legal 
rights, speedy preparation of all settlement documents, calculations that are 
double-checked for accuracy and a coordination effort that will bring together 
agents, solicitors, financiers and other players to get your settlement completed 

on time. Conveyancing works to protect the interests of the client and this is what 
Ownit does best. They are legal professionals whose total focus is on getting a 
result for you that is iron-clad. 

"We'd heard a few horror stories about settlements being delayed because of 
conveyancers being a little less vigilant then they should have, so we chose Ownit 
when we bought our residential block. After being together for five years and 
planning every part of our dream home, we didn't want it to start badly. Ownit 
were tops. Their fees were fixed so we knew the cost upfront, they kept us in the 
loop and when we got the news that the settlement was done, it was relief all 
round," said Justin and Simone T. 

As members of the Queensland Law Society, you have the protection of knowing 
you are dealing with professionals qualified under the Queensland Law Act. There 
are no additional fees levied after they have quoted, so you can budget for the 
cost, and they use every modern communication technique so that you won't lose 
time and money commuting to their office for meetings. 

With land sales starting to take off again, there will be lots of professional, honest 
developers marketing their housing blocks, but shonky operators will also be back 
in the market, trying to cut corners to maximise their profit. Don't get caught with 
a conveyancing nightmare. Contact Ownit Conveyancing for an obligation free